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UF Excellence Award for Assistant Professors

The UF Provost’s Office offers the Excellence Awards for Assistant Professors to 10 awardees each year; our college is eligible to receive one of those 10. These awards are focused on junior faculty and recognize excellence in research. Each award is a one-time allocation of $5,000 in support of research that can be used to fund travel, equipment, books, graduate students, and other research-related expenses. For more information.

Spotlight on Dental Education Series: A Pilot Program

In November 2016, the Office of Education in conjunction with the Office of Faculty Affairs announced a new three-year year pilot program, Spotlight on Dental Education to recognize and reward educational excellence in the College of Dentistry. On February 8, 2017, the Spotlight on Dental Education series will be presented to honor and celebrate faculty and students who have demonstrated teaching excellence in the College of Dentistry. The goal of this program is to more broadly and publicaly recognize teaching excellence in the college in addition to the Teacher of the Year awards. For more information.

UF Term Professorship

To further recognize and reward faculty achievements, and subject to completion of bargaining, 750 term professorships have been established. Since collective bargaining is still ongoing at this time, this award program currently applies only to academic units not covered by the collective bargaining agreement (the Health Sciences colleges, IFAS, and the College of Law).
  • Application deadline is January 15, 2017.
  • Each award lasts three years and includes a $5,000 annual salary supplement.
  • For more information.

Questions? Contact Dr. Shannon Wallet

UF Research Foundation Professorship

University of Florida Research Foundation (UFRF) Professorships are awarded to tenured faculty members who have a distinguished current record of research. The purpose of these awards is to recognize recent contributions and to provide incentives for continued excellence in research. The primary selection criteria will include the professor’s performance in the past five years and evidence of a strong research agenda that is likely to lead to continuing distinction in the professor’s field. UFRF Professorships are open to tenured faculty.
  • Application deadline is in February.
  • Each three-year UFRF Professorship includes a $5,000 annual salary supplement and $3,000 to support research, to be awarded in year one of the professorship.
  • For more information.
Questions? Contact Dr. Robert Burne

UFF Preeminence Term Professorship

The University of Florida Foundation’s (UFF) Preeminence Term Professorship program was created in 2013 to support UF’s Preeminence goals. This award is representative of UF’s commitment to invest in faculty members whose work is transforming lives. The awards enable recipients to hire research assistants, purchase equipment, participate in special training and travel, and fund other things that enhance their work. Faculty members are selected to receive the Preeminence Term Professorships from a pool of UF’s top faculty members who are nominated by their deans.

  • Each award lasts three years with $25,000 as the total award amount.
  • A maximum of two awards will be distributed annually.
  • Nominations are invited in May for submission in June; Awards are made in the Fall.
  • The associate dean for research will solicit nominations from the college’s deans and chairs.
  • For more information.

Questions? Contact Dr. Robert Burne


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